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You shouldn't be here.  Things are probably broken and won't work right on this page.  This area is for testing purposes only.

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I think the whole image is absolutely gorgeous.
SHE is absolutely gorgeous.

Yeah, the details aren't 100% perfect yet, but this is probably my favorite image so far, probably because this isn't just a picture of her, but a scene that we remember.  It just feels more real.

It's probably a tie with the other scene I remember, which is the one with her on her back where she's writhing in happiness.  But that one wasn't technically a scene I remember because the "camera" was flying up above her.  I was lying on her belly, not floating 20ft above her.  It's just her expression and pure happiness that makes me love that picture.

With this picture it's her happy/playful expression, the forest, the river, everything about this picture just reminds me so much of the way she looked at me when I was still in the river, how happy it made me and how hard I laughed when she looked at me upside down, trying to see around her body.

I laughed and got out of the water, crawling over to her and hugging her upside-down face and sharing joyful laughter with her.  Then I laid down next to her between her neck and body and petted her neck, which I also leaned against as we relaxed together.  We both laid there with our eyes closed, enjoying each other's company.  The weather was warm, the air was fresh.  This is one of the many, many happy memories we have.

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